“My son has been taking lessons at La Guitarra for several years. I have seen his skills steadily progress, along with his confidence. The environment is friendly and welcoming, like a big family.” 

John Saunders

school history

La Guitarra School of Music was founded in 1995 by Mario Otero. His many years of experience and love for music has channeled itself to his students and staff.  He directs and is involved with the teachers and every student that comes through the doors of La Guitarra.


Since the school opened at its current location on Mesa Street in 2001, it’s expansion has led to not only guitar instruction but also bass, piano, violin, viola and voice.


La Guitarra School of Music also offers more diverse programs and convenient class times to the residents of El Paso. Many of the parents choose the school because in addition to having excellent teachers and programs, it is possible to have two or more students in different lessons at the same time. Although students can choose from the classical method, the school also has a large number of students that study rock, pop, jazz, blues, mexican, flamenco and contemporary music. The main focus is on helping students gain the skills they need to enjoy music long after music lessons are over.


La Guitarra School of Music currently has 13 instructors, all of which have extensive experience in the instrument they teach, are university trained and have performance experience. Our Music School handles everything from beginners to advanced level students. Due to the number of teachers on staff, the students are matched up with the teacher that best meet their needs and who relate well to them.


The school facilities include teaching rooms and equipment, pianos, recording studio and performance area.

La Guitarra School of Music plays a leading role in the area’s music community and is attempting to enrich the cultural life of El Paso and Juarez with a unique set of services.


Spanning the musical and lingual diversity of two countries, La Guitarra School of Music continues to not only educate and create music students of the future, but employs, supports and encourages the music teachers of both El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico.


La Guitarra School of Music is poised to continue it’s pursuit of excellence in music education and performance in El Paso, for the benefit of our wonderful multicultural community.

Concerts and  presentations given in our performance area:


Classical guitar virtuoso Douglas Niedt

Classical guitar virtuoso Aquiles Valdez

Grammy award winner Pette Huttlinger

Grammy nominated duo “La Vienta”

Jazz guitar virtuoso Curt Warren

Open Mics

Culture Cruise West

Danzas Espanolas

Guitarras de Fuego

Flamenco Duende

Utep Jazz Trio with pianist Carlos Barba

Utep Jazz trio with guitarist Jorge Gonzalez

Recitals and student / teacher presentations.


La Guitarra School of Music was built on Mario Otero’s dream of supporting local talent by teaching music and giving enlightenment to the people of El Paso and Juarez. The School of Music is committed and will always embrace this endeavor!